The Erinvale Investment Club (Erin)

History of Erin

1st Meeting 9th June 1999 held in the Clubhouse at Erinvale

Nick Cameron
Mike Cunningham
Denis O'Brien
Mike Spagnoletti
Andre Du Plessis
Hugh Arthur

Mike Reeves gave his apologies

It was decided to have weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 9.00am lasting until 10.30am and no longer. This decision was changed to fortnightly meetings at a later stage and a three week break was allowed between the first and second halves of the year.

A Mission Statement was agreed : To use the meetings as a forum for discussion on economic and financial matters that arise from time to time.

Chairman. To keep order at the meetings, a chairman is voted in each year. The chairman can co-opt any other member to take over in his absence - this has to be with the others consent.

The intention is to have the meetings at no charge and open to all without any need for a commitment to attend meetings - there is a charge towards a tea/coffee fund to pay for the tea and coffee supplied at the meetings by the golf club - and each member is expected to contribute verbally to the meetings in the form of their ideas or thoughts of the various topics raised so that it makes for a lively debate and hopefully they will learn something.

It is not the intention to actively trade equities/derivatives as a group as some investment clubs do. There are, however, two concurrent competitions running half yearly, being the portfolio and indices competitions, details of which are on this website (No charge is made for entering these competitions). A winner is established at the end of each half year who arranges a meal where the spouses are invited and the winner receives the meal free from the other entrants of the competition.

Where and when possible speakers from various companies/businesses are sought to give additional information to the members. In the past we have had talks given to us by various people including the following:-

Dave Mohr of Citadel Investments - he has given us a talk on international investment annually over the past 8 years.
Scott Campbell - director of Appleton Offshore he has since left them and formed his own investment asset company trading mainly offshore.
Dana Buys of Frontrange IT - he has sold his business and now has a grape farm in Stellenbosch district.
Piet Viljoen of RE:CM Collective Investments.
Andre Parker of SABreweries - gave us a talk on trade in China from the breweries point of view.
and, of course, members of Erinvale, some of them being:-
Hans Enderle of City Lodge
Steve Arthur who was at Nedbank NIB asset management at the time of the talk.
Dillie Malherbe of Venfin.
Bill Jack of African Life Insurance.
Allen Morgan of Escom.
Barry Kalkhoven

Past Members. Since 1999 here are some members of Erinvale who were members:-

Piet Meyer
Peter Eckhardt
Denis O'Brien
Rowan Haarhof
Wynand Van Graan
Chris Hart
Mike Spagnoletti
Lucien Verrezen
Errol Ferriman